Vega silver earrings

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Introducing our Vega silver earrings.  Each earring features a graceful bow design with a rounded pink zircon nestled at its heart. To add a touch of uniqueness, the earring is adorned with a thin pendant chain featuring a rounded zircon delicately suspended, creating a subtle, eye-catching detail.

Handcrafted in Spain, these earrings are a testament to the artistry of our skilled craftsmen, ensuring that no two pairs are identical. Sold both as a pair.

Crafted from premium materials, these earrings are made with 93% sterling silver and 7% pink rounded zircon.



Our unique designs are handcrafted in Spain, in a region called Galicia that’s known for its traditional artisanship. We are reviving this way of working by hand collaborating with local artisans. We work to deliver durable handcrafted pieces with unique and experimental designs. We consistently maintain our values:

Local and artisan production
High quality materials
Circular economy
Responsible consumption
No seasons

Each item is made by hand and upon request, so our items are shipped within 15 business days* from the purchase from A Coruña, Spain. Please contact to us for express shipping inquiries at:

Size: Check the size guide for rings and If you have any queries, please contact us through and we will be pleased to help you.

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Our pieces are the result of a local-handcrafted production