Local and Artisan Production

Our unique designs are handcrafted in Spain, in a region called Galicia that’s known for its traditional artisanship. We are reviving this way of working by hand by collaborating with local artisans, all with sustainably sourced materials and new aesthetics. We work to produce durable handcrafted pieces with unique and experimental designs.

All our pieces are made of recycled silver, and the wax used in the crafting process is fully reused. Let’s not forget jewelry is never destroyed; gold and silver are melted to be reshaped and reutilized. They are never wasted.

The casting process


Each collection is born from an inspiration given by the materials themselves, the goldsmiths' waxes take shape manually, they are like small sculptures that must be molded to carry out the final shape.

Cast in wax

Carla, founder and designer of Rigido, molds each piece in wax by hand, recreating shapes from nature. Each piecebecomes a small work of art, with many hours behind it to achieve a perfectly imperfect result.

Local artisans

Once the wax piece is ready to be cast in the final metal (silver/gold), it passes into the hands of the artisan workshops of our foundries just 20 km away from ours.


Once our pieces come out of the foundry, they go through a finishing process in our workshop, so that they are perfect and ready to shine.

Fully recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging. You can reuse or recycle them because they are LDPE.