The pieces will be designed based on your style and experiences together, embodying your love in every detail. 

Therefore, each jewel will be unique, handmade in which you can get involved throughout the creation process. 

Contact with 

Design process: 

EMOTIONS: first appointment, get to know us, exchange impressions and fitting rings of different styles. 

Do not worry if you do not have a clear idea, in this meeting we will shape the perfect jewel. 

DESIGN: Dossier composed of 3 proposals, always based on the exchange of ideas and experiences of our first contact, with information about the details of each of them. Selection of the chosen proposal.

PROTOTYPE: Simulation of the final ring in materials that are not definitive to test the piece and make possible changes before creating the final jewel. We will be able to see your doubts, how it fits and ultimately get the perfect jewel. 

FINAL JEWEL: Delivery of the jewels finished with our quality certificate.