About us

Rígido was born in 2020 with the premise of delivering modern, sustainable designs through artisanal craftsmanship.

Based out of A Coruña, in Spain, Carla Barral and Javier González focus on durability and quality of materials. The end results are unique, carefully crafted pieces with a clean, minimal touch. Both founders marry their diverse experience in the arts, marketing and international relations to create a brand reflecting the fluidity of their message.

Old meets news

Galicia, the native region of the brand, is known for its myriad of small villages, towns and endless nature.
This cocooned environment has given way to some extraordinary demonstrations of artisanship.
Through the use of these historical techniques, Rígido aims at creating modern design proposals that represent simplicity and innovation.


For the founders, there is a clear organic relationship between the product, the process and the customer.
The pieces are designed to serve as an extension of the individual, this serving as an inspiration as the boundaries between object and body are trespassed. 



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